Friend in me offers your family the peace of  mind knowing that your love one is getting a little extra TLC that they may be missing. When you sign up with Friend In Me and schedule your time with your Butterfly Buddy you can purchase different products for your time. We have Butterfly Buddy T-Shirts, Coloring Books, Crossword Puzzles, Puzzles, Watercolor Paint, and Activity bundles. We offer a few different types of services and products, but our main goal is to offer that companionship and extra helping hand that we all need from time to time.  If your loved one enjoys having their independence but needs a companionship then Friend In Me is the place for you.  We will assess your love ones needs and pair them with the perfect Butterfly Buddy.  When you choose Friend In Me we give your loved one the special attention and companionship to keep them active. Your family member will receive our 7 star treatment and the best care possible.




Peace of mind