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Let us help you keep your family member health and happy.

We provide a safe, fun and creative activities, in a fun and safe environment to seniors in their home.

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Brain Activity Games

Word games, crossword puzzles, Sudoku.

Reading out loud

For the person who may be vision impaired. Let us read your favorite materials.


For the person who loves planting and outdoor activities.

Playing card or board games

For the person who enjoys light fun and not so challenging.

Puzzle Time

Let us help with the puzzle peices.

Art/Crafts and Coloring

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General companionship and conversation

When you enjoy the personal attention and just the perfect time to enjoy company of another person.

Peace Of Mind

Have a peace of mind knowing your are have fun, living life at the fullest.

We Come to you

No need to travel outside the home. We will come to you so you can be comfortable.

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